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Why Aecern?

Discover to Learn

Students learn from their own observations and experiences, and those made by their peers. They take pictures, collect sound, make measurements, and more. In the classroom and beyond.

Make Thinking Visible

Ideas and conclusions come to life through multi-media creations, and are documented in students’ own electronic notebook.

Address Emerging Standards and Frameworks

Students question and investigate, create models and theories, test designs and prototypes, and build career-relevant skills.

Really use your technology

Use the mobile devices and web-connected computers you and your students have access to. Have everyone on their own device or share them. Login with Google Classroom and work individually or in teams.

Join A Global Community of Discovery Educators

Student learning is guided by your easy-to-build assignments, or borrow one from an expert from our library and customize it to address your needs.

A more effective, engaging, authentic learning solution

Fully integrated with Google Classrooms

Functions on mobile (iOS) or the web

Intuitive, muti-media structured data capture

Simple data visualization and sharing

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